How it Works

F.A.Q. for the Members (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How can I register on the site?

Push the Registration link here 

Q: Why should I register to CamSupreme?

If you are registered, you may do the following: 

See for Free Models Private Videos and Pictures.

Communicate in rooms anytime the Models are online join Private, Vip or spy on shows in Voyeur.

Communicate in Private Messages to any Model even if Offline
Get the newsletter to your e-mail when your favorite model is online.
Renew your account and check the chat history.

Change your profile data, etc.

Q: Do I need a cam to talk to the models in a chat room?

It is not necessary to have a cam just for talking. However if you do have it you may show yourself to the model.

Q: I just registered. How can I access my profile/account?

Use the login form here.

Q: I just registered but completely forgot my password. How can I restore it?

Use the Restore password form. You should remember the email you wrote in the field during the registration and you will get the information right to your address.

Q: I want to go join Vip but the system says I have no money on my account. How can I add money?

You may do it on the Add Credits page.

Q: I have got a problem which I can not solve even after reading FAQ. Whom shall I write to get the answers?
Use Contact page to talk to the site administration.

F.A.Q. for the Models (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I need a webcam to become a model on the site? 

You sure do and in order to give your Guests a top-quality experience during your video chat, please check the extended tutorial in your Welcome Page

That delivers informative tidbids and more tools and knowledge than any website in the industry to assist you in promoting yourself IN-HOUSE and Offsite earning you more commissions and maximize your earnings.   

Q: Why choose CamSupreme?

You get a cool Fan Club where you can sell Photos, Videos, Shows, Merch etc. You can Promote your OnlyFans You can promote other Websites You can share any other external links to your merch, Patreon etc. Fun fact is once you realize and learn  how amazing and badass this platform really is you won't want or need too. 

You get instant main page promotion and exposure of your Twitter or Facebook to a big base of hi-end members.  

Privacy, freedom of speech and expression (in private chats where true age verification is in place not Free Chat Broadcasts), safety of data and empowerment to the models and memebrs of this community is the main goal of this platform and what it stands for. 

You get to have the coolest Chat Room that has ever been and ever will be.

CamSupreme does not agree with Control of Models over remote Devices. Strictly forbidden.

You have a lot of backend access that no website gives to Models. 

You can refund the members yourself if the connection has some issues or whatnot.  

You can send videos to the member email if he is comfy sharing that or preferes that rather than adding it to play on site.

Etc countless perks and options.

Q: I would like to register on the site as a model. How can I do that? 

First of all good luck with that. Joke, easy-peasy fill in the Registration form , then fill in the fields of your profile, upload at least 5 pictures in good quality (please no nudity ever in Public Galleries) and finish the registration. 

We reserve the right to be very picky in models approval.
The account of each model is being checked by the administrator. After the approval it will be activated.

Q: How can I log in my Model account?

Use the Model form to login.

Q: I forgot my model password. What should I do?

Use the "Restore password" form.

Q: What should I do to be online on the main page of the site?

Log in your account / Model Login and Start Videochat  Remember that you may not show any Nudity in Free chat not even Topless.

Free chat not encouraged at all but allowed! 

F.A.Q. for studio managers (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I want to register on your site as the studio manager. How can I do it?

Sorry, we do not accept studios at this time.

For any other Questions feel free to use the Contact Form.